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Just a really odd video someone sent me a few days ago, watch for the woman who smacks into the pillar in the middle of the video!


Honestly this is one guy….

Here at blue air we take complaints very seriously. We have received some complaints about the Alice in Wonderland review commenting on ginger people and whether you would run away from one if they tried to propose to you. We have therefore decided to address the issue in the most sensitive way possible…with a poll.

Please vote below and help blue air solve this question which has plagued mankind for centuries.


(don’t mess with me Kirsty!)


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Now and again you see something that is just perfect.

Charlie Brooker and Newswipe are genius…more of this please BBC.

Chek out this fine piece of star fleet engineering!  Somehow it hasnt been as popular as other (quite frankly shit!) YouTube phenomenons.  Go ahead and enjoy everybodies favourite captain of the Enterprise as you’ve never quite seen him before…..even if its just to see him rap shakespeare!!

The video uses “the picard song” created by darkmateria, who have also put out songs in a similar vain for other members of the crew! Worf and Riker for you trekkies out there!

Mental AIDS advert

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This is really kinda creepy…..

Thomas Vs Smalls

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So my upstairs neighbour has been playing this none stop at 3am. My therapist says I should confront the problems in my life… here’s me confronting.

Its also kinda cool.

I still hate my upstairs neighbour.