Christopher Lee and Charlemagne = Epicness

Posted: June 19, 2010 by Lee in Uncategorized
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Sooooo the world cup has been taking over everyones lives for a good few weeks now and after last nights result, which I shall breeze over, I think the less we talk about football the better!  I just want to quickly give a shout out to (a homage to his epicness!) how amazing Sir Christopher Lee is!  It seems appearing as some of the most iconic characters during the the past 60 odd years of film simply isnt good enough for Lee who is now 88!!  Now in honor of his bloodline stretching back to the Frankish King slash first Holy Roman Emperor: Charlemagne, he has recorded “in the universal language of metal” – a Symphonic Metal concept album with the dark age overlord as the theme.  He has worked with American metal act Manowar on the project of whom he has previously worked with and confessed to being a fan of for some time.  Plus he is currently over the moon with this work as hes just won a Metalhammer award and for topping the british metal charts!

Although musically its not my favourite style of metal I can’t stress how epic it is seeing someone who was already 50 when the earliest metal records were being released embrace the genre but not only that, love it enough to inspire him to use his epic “Saruman vocals” to create a metal record….. truly amazing!  Please please please do a black metal album on Lindisfarne – 793 AD  that, I think chaps, would blow my balls clean off!

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Happy listening!!

  1. Adam C says:

    Soooo wierd. He is a Legend, true, but he hasnt half done some crap aswell. His version of Sinatras “My Way” is particularly cringe worthy, the man just cant sing that well, but with a voice like his he doesnt need to. I love the way he uses his voice, yeah it might seem a bit odd or cheap but i personally think it’s just AWESOME! and credit where its due the mans got balls of steel…or maybe i should say Metal….sorry. The fact he’s an actual decendant of Charlamagne i think is what gets him through this one, the music is really not my thing either and if you havnt seen the music videos for some of the songs then you really must watch as they are hillariously wierd.
    I would personally suggest giving his work on “The Danish Radio Sinfonietta/DR” “Selected Songs and Poems from The Lord of the Rings” a listen. Good stuff. Its on Spotify and most likely YouTube and other places too.

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