While I waited to start my new job, I thought I’d put a little something together. I wanted variety, a high tempo and a good representation of all the music I enjoy. Instead, you have this! Very little of mine is recent, largely because I’m a bit of a snob. I felt like the guys from High Fidelity coming up with this list (for the record, I wanna be Rob, not Barry or Dick).

So, here we go…Blueair Top 10 Summer Songs by Ferg

1. Space – Female of the Species

The song I instantly think of when I think of summer. Space are responsible for my musical awakening, and this song was everything I loved when it was released…erm…christ, over 10 years ago. That’s upsetting.

2. Tim Armstrong – Into Action

Rancid frontman goes it alone and makes a like-able, upbeat, ska heavy jump-around-get-sweaty song. A favourite at the punk bar I occasionally do shifts at

3. Bouncing Souls – Manthem

You cannot have a summer playlist without these cheerful, happy-go-lucky Jersey punks.

4. Rise Against – Anywhere But Here

Normally sombre and brooding political-punks Rise Against showcase their fast paced, seize the day style with this track from Siren Song of the Counter Culture – one of the finest bands to come from the American punk scene in years.

5. Stiff Little Fingers – Tin Soldiers

OK, not doing my attempt at not being Dick from High Fidelity any favours, BUT this is a great track. The subject matter might be a touch heavy but the chorus is a beauty, and the tempo good to nod along to. Not that I’m encouraging Churchill comparisons…

6. Prodigy vs Pendulum – Voodoo People

New drum and bass heroes Pendulum take a shot at the big boys by remixing one of their better tracks. Blindingly good.

7. Sage Francis – Dance Monkey

Sage Francis is normally more politically motivated in his songs (check out ‘Makeshift Patriot’), but this is a more conventionally entertaining hip-hop track. Well, as conventional as white guys can manage!

8. Motion City Soundtrack – Don’t Call It A Comeback

The highlight of the time I went to see blink182 were my discovery oif Motion City Soundtrack. This track was put on Punk O Rama 8 to try and bring them to more people’s attention, and recent ads on Spotify indicate their stock is rising still. Big on the Warped Tour, should be bigger here. This song is why.

9. Millencolin – Ray

There’s something about Sweden which puts out great punk bands – Backyard Babies, Raised Fist, Turbonegro, and top of the pile Millencolin. Been going for years, and normally more ska, this was of 2005’s Kingwood album.

10. Vandals – Don’t Stop Me Now

The best Queen cover I’ve ever heard by the kings of punk covers (they’ve also done Supercajifragilisticexpialidocious, , So Long Farewell and Jilted John).

No picture from me. I did a video


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