Two Door Cinema Club – Tourist History (2010)

Posted: April 29, 2010 by Ferg in Album Reviews
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“I am almost certain you will hate it, so should be fun!”2 Door Cinema Club - Tourist History

This is how Adam promoted Two Door Cinema Club’s album to me. This and another album which I’m reviewing very soon. Seen as a ‘next big thing’ type of band, and as beneficiaries of the myspace movement, it was about time we gave them a listen.

So listen I did, without particularly high hopes, while reading up on them. Kids playing with guitars in Northern Ireland. Snow Patrol, I think. Fans of the current musical movement. Arctic Monkeys, I whimper. They named themselves after the Tudor Cinema Club. Oh crap, they can’t even speak properly…

So imagine my surprise as I found myself tapping along to the music. The pace is more frantic than their indie comparisons would have you believe, but they maintain their loyalty to the indie genre. The opener ‘Cigarettes In The Theatre’ displays their talent openly and honestly: upbeat and pacy guitars, some creative, frantic drumming and catchy chorus lines. The lyrics are, well, gloriously indie (which made me a little sick, anyone who’s read my previous reviews knows I’m not indie’s biggest fan) with lots of oozin’ aah’s and the occasional club friendly chorus, like ‘Do You Want It All.’

Two Door Cinema Club – Do You Want It All

Now, here’s the key thing for me. Up and down the country, indie has become a club night in its own right, and bands are now discovered, found and loved due to their club friendly tracks. Two Door Cinema Club should be admired that they haven’t gone for the more commercial, happy-clappy sing-a-long type of album and music. Some of these tracks would be diffcult to work into a clubnight playlist, in fact I found two on the whole album I could see being played. The tracks have the same ghostly, ambient quality of bands of yesteryear – Ghost Town by the Specials comes to mind, as does elements of the Cure (yes, I’m a hypocrit) and the Smiths. Furthermore, they should be commended for not bandwagon-hopping and called themselves “THE Two Door Cinema Club.”

Here is a band whose music fits quite snugly into the indie genre, but in the same uncomfortable manner that Franz Ferdinand and the Klaxons do – you call them indie because it’s the only thing that vaguely fits. Songs like ‘Do You Want It All’ and ‘I Can Talk’ will hopefully be club hits, but I fear their pace will leave drunk, sweaty homecoming students trying to bounce along to it struggling to keep pace: its closer to US skate punk than UK indie.

This is a band who I fear won’t get the credit they’re due. Being hailed as the next big thing is always a curse, unless you’re the Strokes. But their unwavering commitment to their kind of music is admirable. It’s upbeat, pacy, original and could be compared to so many different bands. But comparing them to the Arctic Monkeys and Snow Patrol as I did above is unfair: Smiths, Specials, Cure, Klaxons, even my favourite euro-electro act Dúné are all a much better fit. With blazing originality, loyalty to music their way and an underlying determination to be seen as ‘different’ is admirable, commendable and worth a listen.


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