Yeasayer- Odd Blood (2010) Secretly Canadian, by Adam

Posted: April 28, 2010 by Adam in Album Reviews
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Brooklyn based Yeasayer are without a doubt going to be the band of the summer and thank science for that! We should all bow down at the alter of the psychedelic/electronic music gods for this offering to save us from the endless club remixes and hip-hop artists releasing their ‘summer tunes’ that infest and balls up my summer…I mean OUR summer. From the start Yeasayer you have a warm place in my heart.

Yeasayer’s first album release, All Hour Cymbals in 2007, started the band on their way and after a hectic touring schedule last year supporting MGMT and Beck (coupled with their stand out single ‘Tightrope’ on the Dark is the Night compilation) it has been a steady march forwards for the band. Odd Blood was released early this year amid a lot of expectation and hype, which it appears to have lived up to. The second single off the album ‘O.N.E.’ is currently doing the rounds on Radio 1 and the NME music channel after the relative success of the first single ‘Ambling Alp’. I say ‘relative success’ because as usual Blue Air whipping boy Zane ‘hottest band in the world right now’ Lowe was the only DJ who appeared to actually have heard of them and was willing to give the single air time. We really do love you Zane…honest.

Yeasayer- Madder Red (click to play)

The album itself is the perfect length for an album, as stated before on this website, albums should be no more than 10 tracks long and no fewer than 8. FACT. Odd Blood clocks in at the limit with 10 tracks, only a handful of which don’t make the grade, but the bar is set high. Ambling Alp, was released in December last year and had a suitably psychedelic video to go with it, click on the link here to see the video in our ‘Albums to look out for in 2010‘ post. The song features the staple elements of a Yeasayer track; deep electronic and instrumental layers with melodies harking back to AHC’s obvious Middle Eastern influences. There is also that element of intrigue as Yeasayer songs generally can go anywhere in terms of musical direction. The main difference between OB and AHC is that OB has richer melodies and actually contains vocals, something often lacking on tracks on AHC. Odd Blood begins with some very strong opening tracks in The Children, Ambling Alp and Madder Red, which are definitely three of the standout tracks. It does tail off near the end and it is a pity as that was one of the great things about MGMT’s Oracular Spectacular which really didn’t contain a single bad song (they have more than made up for that with the new album, but that’s another review!).

It’s not too hard to work out how Yeasayer’s summer is going to go; they will probably have the alt summer hit of the year, be touted as the act to see live at all of the festivals, then return in a year or so with a new album called Congratulations……hang on a minute……haven’t we heard all this before? Okay so they are following in MGMT’s footsteps, but surely that is no bad thing?



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