Gorillaz: Plastic Beach (2010)

Posted: April 28, 2010 by Lee in Album Reviews
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Everyone knows/has heard about gorillaz – “yeah its that bloke from blur with some cartoons”.  Having shot to fame internationally with gorillaz, something he didnt quite manage on the same level with blur, the stakes were high on the back of the two previous hit albums Gorillaz (2001) and Demon Days (2005).

In reference to Adams last post I would argue that this  would be my Premature Summer Album of choice for 2010!  It has everything you want for summer listening:  The opening two tracks consist of a short orchestral piece that flows into a 70’s tinged collaboration with Snoop Dogg.  I think this sets the tone for the rest of the album rather well.  Damon manages to bring in hip hop, pop, rock, soul artists as well as orchestras, and then wrap it all up in the form of – Plastic Beach.  Despite hip hop being a prominent feature on past gorillaz albums I think he takes all of his collaborations to new heights on this album.

The music definitly has more of a (I don’t want to use this word!) pop feel to it -but in a good way a kind of classic pop feel – not uber sell out like pop has come to mean over the last decade.  It uses that familiar Gorillaz sound but has that different edge to it.  I reckon this album does show up many younger musicians lack of imagination these days – and if you had no idea who gorillaz were I bet you wouldn’t think the music was made by a 42 year old?! definitly sounds like someone in their 20’s.  Its like Damon just wanted to give them all a lesson on how to make a good pop/rock record!

I can see myself driving around a lot in the summer sun listening to this record.  Highlights definitly include White flag, Superfast Jellyfish, the title track and the two collaborations with Little Dragon – To Binge and Empire Ants.  The latter remind me of modern equivalents to being a wee nipper listening to Brit pop albums in my garden in the 90’s….good times!

Anyway; yes this album is great, yes you should listen to it ….. and yes its out now!

enjoy (P.S where are Oasis these days…. I thought they were supposed to be the really talented ones? hahahaha)

  1. Tori says:

    Don’t forget Melancholy Hill and Somekind of Nature, which along with Empire Ants are probably my fave on the album. Pretty much agree with most of what ya said tho!

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