Best and Worst Films of 2009 (Adam’s List)

Posted: December 29, 2009 by Adam in Film Clips, Film Reviews
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To accompany the ‘Best Albums of 2009’ list here are my top ten best and worst films of 2009, again I know I have left some potentially obvious ones out (In the Loop, District 9) but I haven’t seen them so I can’t really put them in!

 Best Films 2009

1. Moon Duncan Jones brings back classic Sci-Fi

2. Zombielandthe mystery cameo steals the film

3. Frozen Rivertense, dark and actual features a frozen river!

4. Slumdog Millionairedeserved Oscar winner this year

5. Gran TorinoClint should stick in front of the screen if this is the type of stuff he can still do

6. Milkdidn’t think I would find this interesting or exciting but I was gripped for the whole film

7. Watchmenlove the comic (sorry graphic novel!) and this is a great attempt at a bloody hard film to make

8. Star Trek– everything except Eric Bana’s bad guy was spot on!

9. Vampire’s Assistanttook my little brother to this, he loves the books, and I will say only this it is MILES better than TWISHITE

10. Harmony and Melow-fi indie classic, you will have to look hard to find it but it is worth it!


Worst Films 2009

1. 500 Days of Summernothing happens and it never ends, also the ending made me want to scream!

2. Rachel Getting Married– like watching wedding videos of people you don’t know or care about

3. Ugly Truththis film successfully made me hate Katherine Heigl, which is a hard thing to do

4. Vicky Christina Barcelona– Woody, how did you make a kiss between two highly beautiful women boring! Also NOBODY talks like that!

5. Le Donk & Scor-zay-zeeat the Edinburgh Film Festival there was hype, I said it was shit and would flop…I was right…what more can I say?

6. Public Enemiesjust not exciting enough

7. Coco before Channelwho cares?

8. Bruno– what a let down, nowhere near as good as Borat

9. Boltthankfully UP arrived a few months later to save animation

10. Inkheart- I (ink)heart the book, but the film was a poor adaptation


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