The Maccabees- Wall of Arms (2009) Fiction Records by Adam

Posted: July 13, 2009 by Adam in Album Reviews
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The Maccabees- Wall of Arms

So this is my first ever review……and that means go easy on me. I should start off by saying that before Wall of Arms, I really didn’t like the Maccabees that much. Their first album 2007’s Colour It In, put them in the intensely annoying genre of bands that jumped on the end of the Arctic Monkeys/80’s rehash band wagon. So when I heard Love You Better, the second single off of the latest album, there was definitely egg on my face. Somewhere in the methodically emotional vocals of Orlando Weeks and the glittering guitars is a song that is the baby sister of Joy Divisions Love Will Tear Us Apart. I know that will annoy many die hard 80’s fans but……. balls to them I say. The rest of the album follows a similar thread, which is by no means a bad thing, with stand out tracks including One Hand Holding, Young Lions and first single No Kind Words. The lyrical intensity of Weeks, which often creates that terrible sense of foreboding found in bleak films like Eden Lake, just before everyone dies and the film ends leaving you feeling miserable and afraid that a chav is going to stab you in the crotch and steal all of your money…….forever, sends shivers down my spine. I would say that there are one or two tracks which just don’t live up to the rest of the album namely Dinosaurs and Kiss and Resolve which are a bit of a sucker punch after No Kind Words in the track order. I would recommend getting Sleep Tonight off of the Love You Better-EP, which is by far better than either Dinosaurs or Kiss and Resolve.


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  1. chris finney says:

    quite accurate their 2nd album brought much more depth and darkness to the band, my favourite album of 2009 personally beating hands down oasis, the enemy and kasabians efforts, even though kasabians is a close one.

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